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Nikolaos Kanellopoulos and Georgios Kanistras started their professional activity in the 1970s as customs brokers and travel agents. In the 1990s and after a successful career and prominent social presence they extended to the fields of courier services and international transport by grounding the company Moreas Ltd.

In the last few years the company’s founders retired and the company passed to the younger generation. George Kanellopoulos and Irene Kanistra have been aware of the company’s works since the early years of its existence and have been engaged to the company’s business after completing their studies in economics and tourism. Their objective is to develop in compliance with the contemporary needs of the market and at the same time take into consideration the contribution of the older generation that currently has a role as consultants. 

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Address: 60 Agiou Andrea str., P.C. 26221, Patra, Greece
Phone: +30 2610621211  +30 2610621212

Email: moreasltd@gmail.com

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